Thursday, February 19, 2009


Good morning.

In my last blog I mentioned something called “rigosity.” which means nooks and crannies. Well the word is “rugosity.” The principal investigator is from one of the burrows of New York and without his translator we sometimes mishear the words.
This morning we were unable to collect data again. The weather has been good but there has been quite a north easterly wind which is unusual so the water is rough and the swells can pick you up and drop you right on top of the reef which is not good for the reef. Oh yeah and probably not very good for us. Instead, we went to the lighthouse, which is an amazing structure built about 1830. I will go into more details about the lighthouse at home because it was just a stop on our way to some limestone caves that we explored. The ocean, somehow, feeds the caves so the water is saline. We did see some very small bats, probably a sponge and there is said to be blind shrimp but we didn’t see those. To wait out hurricanes, the locals used these caves. I can’t imagine how that experience felt but I sure could see how well it would work.
All over the island there are these dogs that are pretty much related to each other. They are call “potcakes” because the locals used to feed them the caked together rice at the bottom of the pot of cooked rice called potcakes. I believe I have found Jack’s new brother. They are amazing dogs and look a lot like Jack and each other. This one potcake dog at the lighthouse followed us to the cave. When we go out of the cave, the dog had run off with one of the teacher’s left shoe and his socks. I guess the random shoe up at the lighthouse should have been a hint but Rick got his shoe and socks back undamaged and the dog seemed semi-apologetic.
This afternoon we did some rugosity studies but I was unable to attend since I was doing the videoconference with 3rd period. But in the evening we did a 9pm tide pool just outside the research station. We saw octopuses, sea cucumbers, urchins, brittle stars and different species of crabs.
There are a lot of abandoned homes and yesterday we were prohibited from snorkeling an area since a bullhead shark decided to do a swim-by just as we were getting in the water. The researchers do a good job of keeping us amateurs safe.
See you next week.
Mr. Klug (tons)


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