Monday, February 16, 2009

Blog Tuesday Period 3

Good morning. It is Monday night right now and you won’t be reading this until Tuesday so let me give you some highlights. Since I rubbed it in before I left, you’ll be happy to know you would hate it here. It’s sunny, warm, the water is clear, the sand is soft but there is little to no cell phone service. Yes, that does mean it is heaven for me. I already have a nice tan starting and we have been in the water snorkeling 3 times since I arrived on San Salvador Saturday.
Maybe this is karma, our truck has broken down twice, but one of the researchers brought her parents and her dad Bob is a lifesaver. Both times he has gotten us back on the road. Today’s snorkel was meant to teach us about the different kinds of organisms the head researcher needs us to identify and collect data on for his work. Most of what we will be doing is literally a reef survey; counting cover types, bleaching percentages and species counts. Oh yeah and getting a tan in the process. I’ll be sure to wear yellow when I get back so you can all enjoy my bronzing.
The first night I was in the Bahamas, I was in Nassau and went down to a lagoon and chatted with a local man. As we were talking, 2 needlefish swam by, sea urchins crawled up the wall and an eagle ray toured the lagoon. The man told me to look over the edge and there were two lionfish. One was about the size of a basketball and the other was softball sized. He said there were at least eight in the lagoon. As we were snorkeling today, we saw four or five just around this old pier. I have been informed that their numbers are increasing very quickly in the Bahamas.
That leads me to your task today: You are to research lionfish online. 1. What is the lionfish’s scientific name? 2. What do lionfish eat? 3. What eats lionfish? 4. Are lionfish native to the Bahamas? Is so, why are their numbers increasing so quickly? If not, how did they get here?
To get credit for this, you must add a comment to my blog by answering all 4 questions including putting your initials at the end of your answers. I will read and edit the blog tonight at 4:00pm your time, that is the latest you can comment.
Have great day! I will!
Mr. Klug (12)


At February 17, 2009 at 4:01 AM , Blogger knighty77 said...

Deine Karma besteht darin,daß du einen Sonnenbrannt bekommst und zwar, weil du einen Klugscheißer bist!!me

At February 17, 2009 at 11:47 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Klug,

1.Pterois volitans
2.They eat small live fish, prawns/shrimp, worms, and small bits of coral.
3.They have no predators because they are poisonous.
4.No, they are an invasive species and they're numbers are increasing because they are are able to out-compete and eat all of the competition in the reef area without being eaten or killed

You should get some pictures of some lionfish there and a shark if you can. And yea, sorry the warm air, clear water, and soft sand sucks.I mean i have a terrible cold i can't imagine what pain you must be going through.
Have fun


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